Terms of Service

Updated on 2022.09.11

The following terms and conditions are applicable when you place an order. In this document, the “Terms of Service” implies an Agreement binding you and GoCartoonMe. The “Service” as used herein is offered and owned by GoCartoonMe. The word “you” or “your” in this document implies any entity or organization using our service, and “we” or “our” as used in this herein means GoCartoonMe, and all of its cooperate working body. Please Study this Agreement carefully before making use of our services.

Ownership of final cartoon

All cartoons ordered from GoCartoonMe may be used by customers as you wish without royalty. GoCartoonMe has the right to use any image in promotional and marketing materials without obtaining the formal consent of the customer.


All images uploaded to our servers by you remain your property. The copyright of photographers, artists, or any other person whose image is uploaded to our servers are fully respected, and as such we do not lay claim to the ownership of any such pictures. Because so many pictures are uploaded daily, we may not be able to review them all. Hence, it is your sole responsibility to get the proper permissions and authorizations needed before you can make use of such images.


  • Ordering - Painting orders are randomly sent to the painters depending on the painters’ availability. The number of persons to be drawn in the image is dependent on the number of persons you paid for, and the painter chooses which to draw if you do not pay for the complete number. However, you can still request additional persons to be drawn into the image.

  • Custom work - Requesting a customized background, object, style, or any other specifics in your image will incur an additional cost, and such orders are only executed through the website. Additional requests cannot be added to orders already sent to the painter.

  • The Client must adhere strictly to photo requirements while placing an order. If the client sends an unclear photo, the client should be aware that the final product may differ from the supplied photo. After the final result, any modifications requested will attract an extra charge.

  • Delivery - The final product will be delivered within 7 days to the client via the medium selected during the placement of the purchase order. This could be via email or the website.

  • Delay or Failure in Delivery - We will make all efforts to ensure that your purchases are delivered by the delivery date stated in the Purchase Order, but the company shall not be held responsible for any delay or failure in the delivery of the Product.

  • Refunds - GoCartoonMe absolutely offers no refunds for any of the drawings. We guarantee only the best quality of work possible with the most professional digital cartoonist.

  • Modifications - We offer revisions within reasonable limits given that the output does not come up to par with the customers' expectations — especially for REQUEST CARTOONS. GoCartoonMe reserves the right to deny REVISIONS if they are an abuse of the service. Revisions are GUARANTEED to arrive in 72 hours. After a week of delivering a final product to you, We will consider your project COMPLETED — no revisions will be made afterward.


  • Limits - We do not allow clients to obtain or post profane, pornographic, or obscene materials using GoCartoonMe. This restriction also extends to any other material that is considered offensive and may be subject to criminal charges.

  • Content Monitoring - Though GoCartoonMe may not review all contents posted by clients, and as such cannot be liable for the nature of such contents, it can still without seeking anyone’s consent, delete, rearrange and edit any content it considers offensive, defamatory, abusive, or harmful, or any content which it sees as an infringement of copyright laws or trademark. Bear in mind that GoCartoonMe reserves the right to publish, remove, copy, modify, display, and transmit any content it so wishes for the aim of service delivery. Users, and not GoCartoonMe, are liable for the content of any material provided.

  • At the discretion of the painter, facial enhancements to the original picture may be added to create a funny cartoon. The painter’s imagery and vision of the cartoon are considered supreme and final, and the final cartoon may not be subject to any changes or modifications unless the QA Team decides otherwise.